Monday, December 31, 2012

President @Obama signs bill to extend warrantless phone tapping until 2017

Late last week, the US Senate passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Reauthorization Act that would authorize phone surveillance of Americans without a warrant for counter-terrorism purposes for the next five years. The bill then moved onto the Oval Office, where President Obama signed it last night, officially putting the bill into action.
The president has long been expected to sign the bill, so we’re certainly not surprised by the official passing of the bill. He said earlier this year that that his administration “strongly” supported the House bill and its ability to “ensure the continued availability of this critical intelligence capability.”
A number of proposed amendements that would have required greater government transparency and a quicker expiration of the program were shot down, though. While the bill does not allow the government to specifically target any individual American citizen, the longstanding problem of innocent citizens’ communication records being swept up and reviewed without a warrant continues to be a concern for many.
The President’s signature of the bill extension comes after a Senate vote last week that saw a vote of 73 to 23, where almost all Republicans favored the bill, with most Democrats also supporting the bill. Previously, the House of Representatives passed the bill with a vote of 301 to 118, with a larger number of both Republicans and Democrats supporting the bill.
(Info provided Slashgear)

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@Intel Plans To Launch Set Top Box To Compete With Rumored Apple TV

Intel Plans To Launch Set Top Box To Compete With Rumored Apple TV
Every TV manufacturer on the planet is racing out with a smart TV to compete with the rumoredApple television set that may or may not be released in 2013 or 2014. Rather than waiting to see what happens, Intel is ready to jump into the action with their own device.
According to a new report, Intel has developed a virtual cable TV service along with a set top box that they think will help them win the war to control your living room.
TechCrunch reported this weekend that Intel’s set top box will deliver cable content to customer’s living rooms through a smart set top box that can stream video via subscription service that also includes traditional channels and key content like sports.
Intel also hopes that their box will eliminate the frustration of DVRs. Rather than users having to record shows in advance, it’s rumored that the Intel box will allow users to view anything that aired over the past month regardless of whether a show was scheduled to record to the DVR or not.
To navigate around the complications of nationwide licensing deals, Intel will launch the box on a city-by-city basis so that content providers will be more willing to experiment with licensing in select markets first. After failing to get their chips inside Google TV systems, Intel is very serious about getting their chips into the living room and has a finished set top box ready to go. 
(Info provided by Cult of Mac)

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@Google Glass spotted in wild with prescription lenses

Google’s Glass wearable computer has been spotted in the wild in New York City, complete with what appears to be integrated prescription lenses. The bright red augmented reality headset – set to ship to developers in $1,500 Explorer Edition form early in the new year – was spotted by a Road to Virtual Reality tipster on what’s presumably a lucky Googler testing Glass while out and about.
Google’s Sergey Brin sported a set of Glass with sunglasses lenses back at Google IO, with the tinted sections apparently clipping into the brow frame. Meanwhile, Google had also confirmed that it was looking at prescription lens support.
Google is also exploring the potential to integrate the Glass display cube into a set of prescription lenses themselves, rather than using a separate display altogether. That would require more precise optical work, of course, and could prove significantly more expensive when it comes to changing your prescription.
Exactly how well the Explorer version will handle lenses remains to be seen; Google has described it as a test kit for developers to begin coding augmented reality-compatible apps, rather than the final form-factor of the hardware. It’s also believed to feature a bone-conduction earpiece for sound inaudible to anyone but the wearer. Judging by what look to be discrete metal lens rims, however, it’s an altogether slicker system than the large black glasses Google showed photos of at I/O 2012.
(Info provided by Slashgear)

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@iPad Is Still King Of The Web With 87% Of Tablet Web Traffic

Thanks to affordable offerings like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7, Androidtablets continue to increase their market share and claw away at the iPad’s lead. However, Apple’s tablet remains king of the web, accounting for a whopping 87% of tablet web traffic in North America.
According to analytics firm Chitika, for every 100 web page views on an iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has just 4.88, while Samsung’s Galaxy tablets have just 3.04. Meanwhile, Google’s Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 tablets see just 1.22 page views per every 100 on the iPad.
“Eighty-seven percent of the tablet web traffic in North America is generated by iPad,” said Chitika’s Gabe Donnini.
That’s quite staggering when you think about it. The iPad accounts for more than half of the tabletmarket share (around 53.8%) in North America, but according to a report from IDC earlier this month,Android tablets are to claim 42.7% of the market by the end of the year (today).
There’s not a massive difference between them, then, and yet web traffic suggests the opposite. The thing is, there are so many different Android tablet models floating around, from so many different manufacturers, that even popular devices like those mentioned above claim just a small share of Android’s pie.
Chitika’s data came from an analysis of tablet web traffic in the United States and Canada between December 8 and December 14. This doesn’t take the festive period into account, of course, which will have seen many more tablets entering the market. However, Chitika says it will revisit these figures soon to establish the impact Christmas has had on the data.
(Info provided by Cult of Android)

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

@A_minus313 A Minus - Mobbin x @CHAVISCHANDLER Chavis Chandler - Coney Island Live - #Taut

Yo shit was crazy last night at Bobs Clasic Kicks Me and the Verbal Vomit crew Held it down s/o my niggas @A_minus313 @CHAVISCHANDLER & @NolanTheNinja and special thanks to @sheefymcfly for putting on for the city #TAUT

                                                   @NolanTheNinja & @KidTef

                                      @A_minus313    @CHAVISCHANDLER   @KidTef

@djpest - Shark In The Water (EP) - Trailer

Me and @djpest go back to the sandbox so make sure yall check this out!!!!

@NolanTheNinja @RTS313 Nolan The Ninja - "Tiffany" (shot & edited by REASpect The Shooter)

@NolanTheNinja @CHAVISCHANDLER @KidTef Nolan The Ninja - Tiffany *Teaser*

Latest Drop off the Homie Nolans Album visuals by respect the shooter and cameos with @CHAVISCHANDLER  & @KidTef DOPE #AF

@officialjaden Jaden Smith – Higher Up f. KiD CuDi


@OriginalShyne Shyne Speaks On His Game Diss “Bury Judas” (Video)


@WyldStylaz Wyld Stylaz – Sip Sip (Video)


@1YOUNGSCOOTER Young Scooter – Colombia (Preview)


@RealDjKayslay DJ Kay Slay – No Way Out f. Jon Connor, Joell Ortiz & Cassidy

@YoungLace Young Lace ft. LA$W – This Morning (Prod. By Sonny Digital)

 This wasn’t on Bipolar, but grab that here if you missed it and stay tuned for Lace to announce show dates next month.

@BankSquiat Robb Bank$ – Xan With That Lean (Prod. By Nuri & Young Savage)

Pop half a pill, grab your styrofoam, and slow your mind so you catch up to this one. After giving us “I’m That N*gga” last week, we get a dose of “Xan With That Lean” while we wait for Year Of The Savage to arrive in 2013.


Mixtape: @YoungJeezy Young Jeezy – Its Tha World (Untagged)

Download: Mixtape: Young Jeezy – Its Tha World (Untagged)

@Rocko4Real Rocko – U Can Tell (ft. Gucci Mane) [Prod. By Zaytoven]

Download: Rocko – U Can Tell (ft. Gucci Mane) [Prod. By Zaytoven]

@TroubleDTE Trouble – Weirdo


@2chainz 2 Chainz ft. Juicy J & Cap-1 – Own Drugz (Prod. By Mike WiLL Made It) (No Tags)


@ceto_xxx Ceto ft. Jay Electronica – Hail Mary


@wizkhalifa Wiz Khalifa – 2050 Tour [Ep.4]

@LilTunechi Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future – Good Kush & Alcohol (Prod. By Mike WiLL Made It)

A$AP Rocky Talks About The Biggest Moments In 2012 & The “LongLiveA$AP” Album Leak

@Raekwon Raekwon – Lost Jewlry EP ARTWORK

@KanyeWest Kanye West Performs Live At Revel In Atlantic City

@wizkhalifa Wiz Khalifa Appears On MTV’s “This Is How I Made It”

@ryanleslie Ryan Leslie – Life Is So Exciting (Remix)


@myfabolouslife Fabolous ft. Pusha T – Life Is So Exciting

Friday, December 28, 2012

@Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air to retain current designs in reported June refresh

Apple will reportedly update the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air product lines in June 2013 with upgraded innards, but no major design changes are expected for either laptop range. 
MacBook Air

According to the hit-and-miss publication DigiTimes, Taiwanese supply chain sources said Apple recentlyissued requests for quotations (RFQs) for a number of notebooks, including the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, with the new models slated to reach consumers in June 2013. 

Little information was offered regarding the revised MacBook Pro as the publication focused its report on the effect Apple's MacBook Air will have on so-called Ultrabook makers next year. For 2013, Apple's thin-and-light is said to be switching to a new processor platform, most likely Intel's next-generation Haswell architecture. 

As for design, sources say no major changes are planned for either product line. While the MacBook Pro line was the recipient of a design overhaul with the Retina display model, non-Retina versions still sport a unibody chassis largely unaltered since its debut in 2008. The MacBook Air's enclosure was revamped in 2010, taking on a more angular look as Apple applied design cues learned from its development of the iPad.

DigiTimes also suggests Apple may cut MacBook Air prices ahead of the June launch, but such a move is unlikely considering the company has no recent history of discounting products prior to a newer version's release. The publication made similar claims in May when it incorrectly predicted that Apple would introduce a $799 version of the laptop in the third quarter of 2012.

(Info provided by Apple Insider)
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@Samsung Galaxy S IV “hands-on” takes a guess at the future

Samsung hasn’t even announced the Galaxy S IV yet, and already it’s one of the most anticipated phones of 2013. After the massive success of the Galaxy S III, we’re all interested in seeing what Samsung can do with its next flagship phone. We’ve seen leaked parts, sure, but nothing set in stone yet. That isn’t stopping the folks at Rozetked from having a bit of fun though, as they’ve put together a render showing off what the Galaxy S IV might look like and do once it finally arrives.
In the video below, we see a super slim smartphone that comes equipped with a 1080p Grand AMOLED display, a 13MP camera, and a quad-core processor clocked at 2GHz. The video also assumes thatAndroid 5.0 Key Lime Pie will have been released by the time Samsung begins shipping the Galaxy S IV, which we have to say would be pretty awesome. We also hear that the Galaxy S IV will be much thinner than the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5, which would be especially impressive considering the Galaxy S III is already pretty slim at just 0.33-inches thick.
One particularly cool feature we get to see is a laser keyboard dock. Our faceless host connects the Galaxy S IV to the dock and then slides his hand across the surface in front of it. The dock then projects a laser keyboard onto the desk and he begins typing away. Needless to say, we want the Galaxy S IV to come with this kind of functionality.
Of course, this is all just wishful thinking, so don’t take it to mean that Samsung is actually planning these features for the Galaxy S IV. Still, text at the end of the video tells us that this render is based on leaked parts, so what we’re seeing may not be too far outside the realm of possibility. We’ll simply have to wait and find out what kind of hardware and features the Galaxy S IV is packing when Samsung reveals it, which will hopefully be at CES 2013 in a couple of weeks.
(Info provided by Slashgear)

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@Instagram Has Revealed 2012′s Most-Instagrammed Locations

Don’t act like you weren’t wondering: What was 2012’s most-Instagrammed place? The Colosseum in Rome? The Gateway Arch in St. Louis? Or what about the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Turns out, none of those three cracked the top ten, which Instagram revealed on Thursday.
Bangkok is a popular attraction for Instagram users, as the top two spots were of the Suvarnabhumi Airport (over 100,000 photos) and Siam Paragon shopping mall in the capital city. I’ve never been, so I can’t speak for how photogenic the actual city is. There must be something about it that results in people sharing about the experience.
Half of the locations are actually located here in Southern California—six in the state overall when you count San Francisco’s AT&T Park—while other popular Instagram locations include the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Times Square in New York City. I would’ve expected for Times Square to be at the top, or maybe Tokyo.
Did you contribute to any of the top locations of 2012? Sadly, I did not. I wonder how long it’ll take for one of the winners to boast about being one of the top Instagrammed locations.
(Info provided by Technobuffalo)

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@Samsung to Push Android Jelly Bean, Multi-Window Support to Original Galaxy Note

Samsung recently revealed that it is pushing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, along with several awesome TouchWiz Premium Suite features, to the original Galaxy Note. So if you love a lot of the features on the Galaxy Note II but don’t want to cough up a pretty penny for the new device, you should enjoy several of the fresh additions.
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean includes amazing new features such as Google Now, Google Search and incredible performance enhancements, but Samsung’s own additions make it even sweeter. Take Multi-Window, for example, which allows you to quickly switch between applications by pulling out a small menu bar. You can jump from your web browser to your messaging application with just a few taps, for example.
The software update will also include Samsung’s pop-up note feature, for jotting down notes on the fly, as well as pop-up video and browser, which allows you to watch a video or browse the web while doing other things, such as writing an email. Photo note is also included, which allows you to write notes on top of photos and send them off to friends, as is Easy Clip, which lets you quickly crop a part of any screen and save it as an image. Other features include handwriting recognition in S Planner and email, the paper artist filter, enhanced S note and more.
Samsung didn’t say exactly when the update will roll out, or if it will hit carrier devices, such as T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note, although we expect we’ll hear more in the new year.

(Info Provided by Techobuffalo)

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

‏@RomeCee Rome Cee - Integrity Official Music Video

@TurkMrYNT Turk – Zip It f. Lil Wayne & Juvenile

The Hot Boys reunite on Turk’s latest leak “Zip It” off his upcoming Blame It On The System mixtape.

@gucci1017 Gucci Mane – Nothin’ On You f. Wiz Khalifa

New music from Gooch and Wiz.

@RickyHil Ricky Hil – 01 (Prod. By Rod Rhaspy)


@MikeWiLLMadeIt Mike WiLL Made It – EST In 1989 2.5


Mixtape: @TroyAve Troy Ave – White Christmas


Download: Troy Ave - White Christmas

1. Anti Social (prod. by LT)
2. White Christmas
3. Chillin feat. Mac Miller (prod. by Cy Fyre)
4. All Birds
5. Love Bands (prod. by John Scino)
6. Karate
7. Baby
8. Concrete Jungle feat. Pusha T (prod. By Reefa)
9. Igloo
10. Blanco (prod. by Dj Uneek)
11. Only Life I Know (Directors Cut) feat. Fabolous (prod. by John Scino)
12. Love Sosa
13. Prize Fighter feat. Avon Blocksdale & Sevin
14. Hands Up feat. N.O.R.E. (prod. by Reefa)
15. Red Lipstick feat. Chase N Cashe (prod. by Burd N Keyz)
16. All Gold Everything
17. C.R.E.A.M.
18. Grinding feat. Paypa
19. The Love feat. Broadway

Larry Lovestein @MacMiller (Mac Miller) & Ariana Grande – Baby It’s Cold Outside


@JahlilBeats Jahlil Beats – Crack Music 6 [Instrumental]


@ChiefKeef Chief Keef – Shine (Prod. By Metro Boomin’)


Eve – Guap (Remix)

@KingL King Louie – Nobody Gonna Love Me (Prod. By Deezy)


A @2Chainz Christmas

@YoungJeezy Young Jeezy – YJ Vlog: Snow Toy Tour 2012 [Ep.7]

@DJGREENLANTERN DJ Green Lantern – Altitude

@Tip T.I.: “Birdman Told Me He Brought In $5 Million Off Those YMCMB Hoodies.”

@slumvillage Slum Village – Dirty Slums 2 [Mixtape Trailer]

@MrDonTrip Don Trip – I Promise (Prod. By Young Chop)

@CyhiThePrynce CyHi The Prynce – Favorite Things

‏@FlatbushZombies Flatbush ZOMBiES – MRAZ (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)

The three headed monster from Brooklyn returns with a new track that was produced by 1/3 of their collective. After hearing this I’m hoping we can get a new Flatbush project ASAP.

@DopeBoyESKO Dope Boy Esko ft. Skeme – Liquor & Drugz


@MeekMill Meek Mill – Repo (Cassidy Diss) [Prod. By Jahlil Beats]

Well, Cassidy dropped his feelings towards Meek a couple days ago, and tonight we have Meek’s response to Cassidy’s “Me, Myself & My iPhone.” Conceptually, Cassidy edged out Meek. But in regards to bars, I’ll give it to Meek simply because he just went a lil harder at Cass. However, I DO think Meek could’ve done a little bit better. That’s just me though.

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – Repo (Cassidy Diss) [Prod. By Jahlil Beats]

@goldminestige Stige – Us Freestyle

Stige goes in over that Young Chop instrumental.

Download: Stige – Us Freestyle