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There's a big buzz right now about DMX and Yadira Borrego, a woman pretending to be his fiance. The whole thing unfolded on Here's a good recap of the whole story

I recently had a chance to speak with Domenick Nati about the whole situation. Domenick  is the owner of  Nati Celebrity Services (the company attempting to acquire DMX as an artist). I am a big fan of DMX and couldn't help but get the low down about my favorite doggies trials and's an exclusive interview from Domenick Nati.

Domenick Nati: 

Here's my side of the story. I spoke with Yadira Borrego in May of 2011, she informed me that that she was DMX's fiance and mother of his 2 children. I was also informed that he has no exclusive representation and that he was interested in making a comeback after his July prison release. I noticed that X hasn't been in the news about new music in 2 years and I guaranteed Yadira that we can change that, and as you can see, we did. I drafted a press release that I emailed to her for approval. She assured me that she has the authority to speak on DMX's behalf and approved of the release.  I mailed a letter to X in jail introducing myself. A week later Yadira said X called her and said he received the letter and said. "He seems like a nice guy" referring to me.

I emailed the prison and asked if I could speak to him but they said that by the time I get approved he would probably be out. So I put the release on and I sent the release to VIBE and I called the prison that X was at and linked VIBE with their media relations department. Since I was told that Yadira has authorization for her and DMX I also contacted BET (Black Entertainment Television) about their interest in their own reality show. One of our contacts at BET sent us a standard submission form to submit a treatment that I created. At this point I asked Yadira for the fourth time, if X has a manger, she said no, so I said that we would have to be his contracted, exclusive manager to submit this treatment. So I sent X our contract for this position, expecting that he'll sign it and mail it back.

So now I got news crews that are lined up to film his release from jail, I got magazines from the US to London that are contacting me for interviews, and I got BET waiting for a submission for them to produce his reality show, and then I read the article on that X says Yadira is no longer his fiance and that he's single!!! What??

Now I'm on the phone with a woman who says she's been his manager for the last 2 years. I'm also hearing that this letter from Rick Ross is a fake! Earlier today I was on the phone with Allan Zamran's secretary. Allan is Rick Ross' secretary and she said that Allan will be calling me later today.

The bottom line is, "we've been lied to". Either this manager is lying and she doesn't really represent X, or Yadira's lying and their broke up. We have a spotless reputation in sports and entertainment and now we're being accused of writing a press release that is "false" and "untrue".

"We are very interested in representing DMX after his prison release next month. We've already proven that we have the knowledge and contacts to get his name back out there. However, if he truly does have exclusive representation, we would never overstep those boundaries."

Also Mr. Nati  wanted to express additional concerns about all of this...

First of all, we appreciate all of the comments we've received through our website ( We have done all that was needed to address your concerns regarding the press release involving DMX and Yadira Borrego. To those that were looking to us for clarity on the allegations of Maybach Music Group wanting to sign DMX; we have no involvement in the alleged communication between the Rick Ross and DMX, however we are have made our company available to individuals in the MMG camp should they want to bring clarity to these rumors.

Also, we encourage Ms. Borrego to speak to the media to share her side in this dispute, and in no way was Nati Celebrity Services trying to defame DMX, Yadira, or anyone else involved.

Damn...I hope the best for  Nati Celeb Services & my nigga DMX...seem like it may be a good look for him to roll with them anyway...let me know what you think by commenting below

2pac Watch Ya Mouth X Nyc 87 ft. The Dogg Pound

Watch ya Mouth HERE

Nyc 87 ft. The Dogg Pound HERE


Rick Ross Sued After His Pit Bulls Kill A Neighbor's Dog

Rick Ross Sued After His Pit Bulls Kill A Neighbor's Dog
Ricky Rozay is yet to apologize for his dog's deadly behavior, prompting his neighbor to file suit for $15,000 in damages.

A neighbor is suing Rick Ross after three of his pit bulls escaped from his Atlanta, Georgia mansion in April and mauled her pet Yorkshire Terrier, who died in the attack.

The neighbor claims that the three-year-old puppy had “three large bit wounds on his back” as well as a “very large bit wound” around his neck. Police arrived on the scene freed the dog from the attack, but the owner was forced to euthanize the dog since the wounds were so extreme.

Ross was cited for the incident, but the neighbor also filed a lawsuit against the Teflon Don demanding $15,000 in court costs and damages. The neighbor claims that Ross is yet to apologize for the incident.


Chris Brown & NBA Star Rate Amber Rose's Leaked Pics, "OMG!!!!!!"

R&B singer Chris Brown and Chicago Bulls basketball player Rasual Butler have both weighed in on yesterday's unexpected leaked graphic photos of model Amber Rose.
Brown, who had a nude photo of himself recently leaked, wasted no time in applauding what he saw.
"Just saw the amber rose pics! OMG!!!!!! Looks great..," he tweeted June 28th. (Chris Brown's Twitter)
Newly signed Chicago Bulls player Rasual Butler also co-signed the leaked images.
"So what do u guys think of the Amber Rose pictures? I think or all I will say is on woooooooowwwww!," he tweeted 28th. (Rasual Butler's Twitter)
Yesterday, Rose hit up Twitter to deny reports claiming the images were sent to rapper Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, Safaree, last December.
"These blogs do nothing but try to ruin ppls lives I DID NOT send pics to anyones boyfriend pls stop with the lies. Its so ridiculous. smh," she tweeted June 28th.
"Yall been doing this to me for 3 years now it shld be illegal to write fake stories about ppl the media never wants to see anyone happy." (Amber Rose's Twitter)
The photos leaked across the Internet Tuesday (June 28) afternoon.
According to our insider, Amber Rose had an INAPPROPRIATE relationship with Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Safaree . . . and that she sent him NEKKID PICS of herself . . . giving her cooch the DUECES!!! The insider tells, "At Nickis birthday in Vegas on [December 9th] weekend, Nicki caught her boyfriend Safaree in Amber's room . .. she knew something was going on." And there's more, "Later to find out by going into Safaree's phone, [Nicki learned] that Amber was sending Safaree naked pictures of herself via bbm." (Media Take Out)

Game Goes Ghost Ridin', "Your Verse Was Pretty F*cking Hot & I Chose It"

West Coast rapper Game is taking a new approach to fan appreciation by offering them an opportunity to ghost write and contribute to his upcoming R.E.D. Nation album.
According to Game, a lucky winner will be featured on multiple outlets including Interscope Records' newsletter.
"Eh yo, look, I'm looking for another verse for my single 'Red Nation,'" Game said in a video. "I'm going to record my favorite verses on video and share it with the world. For the winner verses, your name and link will pop up during your lyrics so everyone knows your verse was pretty f*cking hot, man and I chose it and now you're the sh*t and your friends are talking about you in school. If you ain't in school, all the homies are talking about you in the hood and if you ain't a n*gga around the hood then all the girls are talking about you in the salon...So basically, man, this video will be seen by millions of people all around the world and I mean millions of people are going to see this sh*t -- You'll be featured on my Facebook, Twitter, website and Interscope newsletter. Let me tell you about this Interscope newsletter. Lady Gaga be in that motherf*cker. So you already know -- jump on and for details. Hood luck. B*tches." (Talent House)
A few weeks ago, Game hinted at who is on the new LP.
"The album changes, the dates change, the climate changes, Interscope changed and went in another direction for a minute and then they come back," Game explained in an interview. "It's just the business; sh*t gets pushed back. Either wait for it or don't buy it. I don't give a f*ck. I never beg anybody to buy my albums...I think the people will appreciate the collaborations. Dr. Dre is actually rapping on this album. This is the first album that I've ever dropped where I have Dr. Dre's voice actually on the album. Features range from Snoop Dogg to Pharrell to Wiz [Khalifa] to Trey Songz to Chris Brown, and Drake's on the album. I got a good cast of all-stars." (VIBE)
Last month, Game announced the latest release date following a conversation with Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine.
"#alliwantis for my fans to know that the R.E.D. album will be in-stores AUGUST 23rd !!! Thanks for the continuous love & support. #REDnation," he tweeted Wednesday (May 17).
"Just got off a conference call with Jimmy Iovine & @interscope . Aug 23rd is the release date & it's like a FAT GIRL..... It won't move !" (Game's Twitter)
A few weeks ago, Game promised to put the project out no later than August.
Game released "Purp & Patron," a 29-track mixtape, last January, but says that his fans' focus remains on the release of "R.E.D. Album," which has been pushed back for over a year. "I had a meeting with [Interscope head] Jimmy Iovine last week, and he told me the album was slated for the end of the summer, and it will not be pushed back any more than that. So we're looking towards late August," he says. (Billboard)

Freddie Gibbs Fights To End D*ck Pics, "B*tches, Y'All Allow This Sh*t"

With the surge of celebrity men getting busted for leaked nude pictures of themselves, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has publicly asked them to stop participating in the craze.
Speaking via public service announcement, Gibbs discusses the recent phenomenon.
"There's an epidemic going on in the male community today as we speak," Gibbs explains in a public service announcement. "It's causing guys their careers, reputations, even their families. This epidemic I'm speaking on? Sending d*ck pics. Nasty motherf*ckers. You should be ashamed of your f*cking self. We don't want to see that sh*t, dog. You just get exposed on Twitter, Facebook and all that sh*t. Look at [former U.S. Representative] Anthony Weiner. You know what the other f*cked up part about this sh*t is is the b*tches. Anthony Weiner. The name says it all, god d*mnit. B*tches, y'all allow this sh*t. Y'all tell these n*ggas to send a d*ck pic." (XXL Mag)
In March, R&B singer Chris Brown fell victim to leaked nude photos of himself getting exposed.
Chris Brown leaked photos are nothing new. But in this case, the Chris Brown leaked photos are in a far different context. Once again, a celebrity has taken a nude picture of himself and wrongfully thought that it would stay private. In this case, an ex-girlfriend found the image and posted it on the Internet. It was posted as part of a video, hosted by World Star Uncut. The photos are recent since they show him with his new dyed blonde hair. He is posing naked in the bathroom, likely as part of a "sexting" session. However, one of his ex-girlfriends took the image and exposed him to the online world. (Associated Content)
In 2010, Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West also had naked pictures leaked across the Internet.
The website posted the image Friday, after weeks of rumors that claimed naked shots of West were making the rounds. In the picture, which the site claims they received Friday morning, West is shown sitting on what appears to be a couch or chair, shirtless and wearing sunglasses and a chain necklace. The bottom half of the uncensored photo, posted as a separate image, reveals West wearing black boxer-briefs with his member exposed. (New York Daily News)
In light of the leaked manhood shots, SOHH recently talked to celebrity gossip personality Carrie Keagan about the authenticity of "stolen" photos.
"It is so stupid. I think it is so stupid that you can in this day and age, now that a million people have done it, you can still get these things out there," Keagan told SOHH. "I don't think it's an accident. Like that Chris Brown [nude] photo that got leaked, as impressive as it was, that was definitely not an accident. Those things just don't happen anymore. Unless somebody is hacking into your stuff and putting it out there for you, it doesn't happen. These [leaked sex tapes and nude pics] are all planted, are all publicity and are for show. And you know what? I had no issues looking at Chris Brown's photo. I mean, everybody's naked these days. You can't get famous without getting naked these days. [laughs]" (SOHH)

2Pac's B.I.G. & Dr. Dre Diss Tracks Leak, "Don't Get No Record Sales Suckin' Nas D*ck"

While the late Tupac Shakur has been gone for nearly 15 years, the controversial West Coast lyricist's records live on, as two new diss records have leaked online.
On Pac's "Watch Yo Mouth," the rapper wastes little time going at New York emcees including Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, De La Soul and more.
"We untouchable now that we shook Doc Dre," Pac raps. "He ain't made a beat in six years, swear he the sh*t/Don't get no record sales suckin' Nas d*ck -- I heard Nas got beef 'cause I'm dissing his clique/Cool, come bring your a** n*gga you can get dissed -- De La got a problem with this hard sh*t, ever since 'Me, Myself & I' y'all been garbage/I'ma keep this real, show y'all how it feels to ride/y'all went three feet high and stopped rising/ Wendy Williams is a fat b*tch, that's the truth/I got a job full of n*ggas nuts, that's for you/Let the West Side, East Side drama cease, I'll come alone to your own streets, Outlaw -- Cream Puff never had no heart to start, so how the h*ll Biggie Smalls get the part? Watch yo mouth!" ("Watch Yo Mouth")
Although less name-dropping, Pac remains loyal to the West Coast on the anti-New York record, "NY 87."
"Calling all cars and phony rap stars that think they got me," Pac raps. "I'm on some Superman sh*t now, they shouldn't have shot me/'Cause I'm convinced that my squad is real/And God has blessed me with the power to be hard to kill/I got a mind that's full of murderous thoughts when unleashed/I make them n*ggas pound, fell me now or be deceased/I ain't choosing sides, h*ll nah, f*ck everybody/It's Westside when I ride so watch for dead bodies." ("NY 87")
In 2009, an unreleased Pac record called "War Gamez" dropped going at multiple NY artists.
"N*ggas playing deadly motherf*cking war games," Pac says in the intro. "How many broke down rappers got some sh*t to say...I bust on Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and murder The Firm/When you scream 'fake thugs' who the f*ck you mean/Get more C.R.E.A.M. than all of y'all/N*gga f*ck your team/Now Dre wanna switch sides/Tricks hide in war/Last year I shed tears but I don't cry no more/Plus Jay-Z tried to play me/He won't last long/Go ask King Sun how it feel to have your a** gone...Got shot five times, got outta jail on bail and sold five million. Sold more records than all you trick motherf*ckers put together. More than The Firm, more than Bad Boy, murdered Mobb Deep, more than all you b*tch made n*ggas." ("War Gamez")
Last fall, New York radio personality Funkmaster Flex clarified some anti-Pac remarks he made at a concert.
"I know everyone saw a short clip of me saying some things about Tupac in a nightclub," Flex said on his Hot 97 radio show. "I know some of his fans are upset because they feel he's not here to defend himself. Let me be the first one to say not only do I respect his music, I respect what he put down. I respect the records he made, the records he sold, his positive energy in the beginning, the great records he made and I know how passionate he was about his music. That's not where any of this came from and yeah it came out at the wrong time and I know people only saw that little piece so you don't know what exactly was going on that night. I want to keep it so one hundred today, I feel a certain way. It's just how I feel -- Yes, he was very talented and yet he made great records, and I also think he brought a negative energy into the game with the beefing -- and the threats of what was going on and yes, it happened to be most of the artists were from New York City." (Hot 97)

Gorilla Zoe Peels Back Album-Making Tips

With the new release of his third solo album, King Kong, Gorilla Zoe recently chopped it up with SOHH about the difference between putting together his retail projects and underground mixtapes.

Admitting he can easily turn out mixtapes, Zoe described his delicate approach to album-making.
"The difference between my mixtapes and my albums is that mixtapes can take me anywhere from 15 to 18 minutes to do a song," Zoe told SOHH. "Hook, verse, you know what I'm saying? But if it's for an album, it might take two or three days just to do one song. Meaning we're coming up with a subject, you do your research on the subject and say, 'Who's gonna f*ck with this subject? What are the said demographics?' Boom. Then you go back and see how popular the subject is. Then you look at how can you lay it down sonically. You have to think about what kind of vibe you want to give the subject. You can take the subject ice cream and put a lot of energetic stuff around it. It's all about how you want to put it together and then you go into the lyrics, then go into the breakdown, pre-hooks and find out how to make it addictive." (SOHH)
Last April, G-Unit's Lloyd Banks said his crew heavily influenced today's mixtape game.
"We changed the mixtape game. We had a movement in 2001 and 2002 that turned the mixtape into a demo. And I think we were the first people to take a mixtape serious enough to format it in song structure and be able to play our rendition behind whatever was playing. We just found the humor in older records and the aggressive content in the records that were less aggressive. So we just kind of took it and flipped it our own way, and went from being black-balled. So we had to make our own lane and force our way into the industry. I'm not going to say any names, but we didn't have a welcome mat laid out when we came into the game." (All Hip Hop)
Earlier this year, Dipset's Freekey Zekey said his team helped popularize the mixtape movement.
"We started the mixtape regime," Zekey promised in an interview. "We started all of that. Everybody's got their mixtape things through the Diplomats because we actually was giving y'all free albums. A lot of times when you do a mixtape, it's called a mixtape because you're mixing the lyrics you have on a song that's already played. It's a mixture of new raps and old beats. For us, we was giving you new beats, new raps and we was killing the streets and that's how we got on and popped off so hard and 50 [Cent] followed suit and then it was a domino effect from there." (Dr. Jays)
Mixtape talk aside, Zoe's new King Kong album debuted on the sales chart last week.
Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe's King Kong debuted on the chart this week at No. 56. After one week in stores, the project has sold 10,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

(sohh Exclusive)

Graphic Amber Rose Nude Pics Leak, Denies Sending Them To Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend

Video vixen Amber Rose has stepped forward to address new leaked graphic nude photographs and rumors claiming they were initially sent to Nicki Minaj's boyfriend.

This afternoon, Rose immediately hit up Twitter to kill the gossip.
"These blogs do nothing but try to ruin ppls lives I DID NOT send pics to anyones boyfriend pls stop with the lies. Its so ridiculous. smh," she tweeted June 28th.
"Yall been doing this to me for 3 years now it shld be illegal to write fake stories about ppl the media never wants to see anyone happy." (Amber Rose's Twitter)
Reports claim Rose allegedly sent them to Minaj's boyfriend.
According to our insider, Amber Rose had an INAPPROPRIATE relationship with Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Safaree . . . and that she sent him NEKKID PICS of herself . . . giving her cooch the DUECES!!! The insider tells, "At Nickis birthday in Vegas on [December 9th] weekend, Nicki caught her boyfriend Safaree in Amber's room . .. she knew something was going on." And there's more, "Later to find out by going into Safaree's phone, [Nicki learned] that Amber was sending Safaree naked pictures of herself via bbm." (Media Take Out)
In February, additional leaked nude images of Rose landed online.
Kanye West's curvy former girlfriend Amber Rose is in the center of a naked photo scandal as explicit pictures leak online purportedly showing her both topless and completely nude. The racy photos -- posted by the adult website on Tuesday -- show several photos of a woman with her breasts exposed through her clothes; other images show her completely naked. (Radar Online)
Last December, Minaj credited Rose for hooking her up with Kanye West.
"Well I was great friends with Amber Rose when they were dating and she had recommended me to him for his album and finally I guess he relented [laughs]," Minaj said of meeting West. "One day I got a call from her and she said Kanye wanted me to come down to Hawaii and record for the album. He told me I could pick what I wanted to be on. I heard the beat for 'Monster.' I fell in love with it and that's how the 'Monster' verse happened...When it came to me putting my album out, I was like 'I can't have an album without Kanye. He has to be a part of it.' He's become my mentor, he gives me advice, he hits me, takes random pictures off-line and says 'Oh this is a good picture of you.' He's really into fashion so he's a good person to have a well-rounded conversation with." (RWD Mag)


01.intro [02:12]
02.i live i breathe [02:50]
03.kickin shit [03:22] pimpin ft. short dawg [03:57]
05.pretty brown round [02:59]
06.i just wanna [03:53]
07.let em fly [03:24]
08.burn slow smokers club ft. king south [03:32]
09.kick back ft. blair maxxxberry [03:32]
10.damn right ft. travis porter [04:21]
11.parlay [03:44] [03:10]
13.textin [03:08]
14.smoke it choke it [02:50]
15.m.o.b [03:57] talks [02:59]
17.buss it [03:40]

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01. (00:00:25) Frenchie - bringing gangsta back intro
02. (00:04:08) Frenchie - p funk role call
03. (00:04:18) Frenchie - my lifestyle ft. shooter
04. (00:01:50) Frenchie - straight drop ft. nappy
05. (00:02:59) Frenchie - about money ft. kontraversey
06. (00:02:48) Frenchie - go crazy
07. (00:03:16) Frenchie - swag shoppin ft. young hot
08. (00:04:49) Frenchie - what up bai ft. mazaradi fox and wooh da kid
09. (00:05:51) Frenchie - my old ho ft. the general bakery brad and bissoe
10. (00:03:22) Frenchie - i need a girl ft. yung joc and roscoe dash
11. (00:02:56) Frenchie - construction
12. (00:03:13) Frenchie - scream my adlibs ft. slim dunkin
13. (00:03:41) Frenchie - g shit ft. bakery brad
14. (00:01:43) Frenchie - so gone
15. (00:06:36) Frenchie - 2 deep ft. waka flocka flame wooh da kid gucci mane lil capp p smurf yg hootie ice burgandy and slim dunkin
16. (00:02:57) Frenchie - bumble bee ft. wooh da kid
17. (00:02:38) Frenchie - trappers ft. nyquil
18. (00:03:12) Frenchie - my house
19. (00:02:59) Frenchie - workin chick ft. juicy j
20. (00:03:15) Frenchie - catch a charge ft. fetti gang
21. (00:04:00) Frenchie - dealin with a d boy ft. ape gang
22. (00:01:36) Frenchie - squad
23. (00:04:20) Frenchie - take sum ft. project pat
24. (00:01:48) Frenchie - nigga like me freestyle
25. (00:00:34) Frenchie - outro

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01.LOX freestyle
02.Styles P ft Jadakiss - It's Ok
03.Styles P - Off One
04.Sheek Louch Freestyle
05.Jadakiss - Cosmic Kev Freestyle
06.Styles P - Moment
07.Sheek Louch - Bipolar
08.Styles P - Cook
09.Jadakiss - Get Fresh
10.Sheek Louch - Star Wars
11.Jadakiss - To Long
12.Sheek Louch Freestyle
13.Styles P - Wanna Know
14.Jadakiss - Get It
15.Sheek Louch & Moxberg - Freestyle
16.Styles P - Yonkers
17.Sheek Louch - Dodge

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1. “Intro – Life After Death”
2. “It’s Brat (Tupac Back Remix)”
3. “West Side”
4. “Get It Get It” feat. Jadakiss and Brandon Hines
5. “Racks (Remix)”
6. “Sure Thing (Remix)”
7. “Second Chance”
8. “Fab 5 Freddy”
9. “Dumb Stupid Crazy” feat. Twista
10. “Motivation (Remix)”
11. “Look at Me Now (Remix)”

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Curren$y Weekend At Bernie's Mixtape

01. #jetsgo*
02. Still featuring Trademark and Young Roddy
03. She Don’t Want A Man
04. One Life
05. You See It
06. Televised featuring Fiend (International Jones)
07. This Is The Life
08. On G’s featuring Young Roddy and Trademark
09. Money Machine
10. What’s What
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01. Dom’s Prayer (Prod. By K Roosevelt)
02. Grind’n (Prod. By Cardo)
03. When I Come Around
04. Come Over (Prod. By The Futuristiks)
05. She Ain’t In Love (Prod. By The Futuristiks)
06. Money Don’t Stop (Prod. By Chromatix)
07. O.P.M. (Prod. By Drewbyrd & Polyester)
08. Platinum Chanel (Prod. By Nick Cage)
09. I Love Dom (Prod. By Cardo)
10. The Ways (Prod. By THC)
11. Mr. Champagne Intermission (Ft. Polyester) (Prod. By Swiff D)
12. Ice Cream Truck (Prod. By K Roosevelt)
13. New Jeeps (Ft. Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks) (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)
14. 2MPH (Ft. Big K.R.I.T.) (Prod. By The Futuristiks)
15. Beats, Hoes & Rhymes (Ft. Casey Veggies & ScHoolboy Q (Prod. By Champagne Click)
16. Dream To Me (Prod. By Scoop Deville)
17. Graduate (Prod. By HellagooD)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Def Jam's Lenny Santiago Reveals How He Got His First Roc-A-Fella Gig

Def Jam's Lenny Santiago Reveals How He Got His First Roc-A-Fella Gig
Lenny Santiago speaks on Damon Dash hooking him up with a job at Roc-A-Fella, reveals his top five producers.

In an interview with Grind Music Radio Lenny Santiago, the vice president of A&R at Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella spoke on how he was able to get his first gig at Roc-A-Fella Records through a chance meeting with Damon Dash.

“Bad Boy wasn’t really on fire when I was there and I wanted to be somewhere from scratch…Dame actually asked me. Dame was like ‘You seem bored. You hitting you’re head on the ceiling with the promo.’ Cause we had did everything like poster boards, all kinds of crazy shit. I was done, I was over with it,” said Santiago. “And he was like ‘what you tryna do?’ and I was like ‘honestly, A&R.’”
Santiago revealed that the day after he spoke with Damon Dash he was at Roc-A-Fella working on Streets Is Watching and in the studio with Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z.

During the radio interview, Grind Music of course asked Santiago what his choices were for his top five producers and he named the following producers: Timbaland, Just Blaze, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Jermaine Dupri, and Kanye West. Although he seemed relatively confident in his choice of producers he did explain that he’ll likely be back with a revised list.

“I gotta come back and give a revised list cause I know I’m missing things. My thing with the producer thing is a producer [is] somebody who can make music, somebody who brings more than just let’s say the production to it as far as the technical track and the beat,” Santiago explained. “They bring the arrangement of it, they bring the idea of it, they bring the concept of the song with it, they bring the hook, they bring the song itself, they bring a movement.”


Big Daddy Kane Reminisces On Mentoring Jay-Z

Big Daddy Kane Reminisces On Mentoring Jay-Z
During TVOne's "Unsung," Big Daddy Kane recalls helping out a young Jay-Z during his 1990 "Chocolate City" tour.

Big Daddy Kane may not be a household name to those who don’t bother familiarizing themselves with Hip Hop’s past, but a direct line can be drawn between Kane and emcees from a later era such as Jay-Z, 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. The connection began in 1990, when Kane featured Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Digital Underground, 3rd Bass and Jay-Z on his “Chocolate City” nationwide tour. For some, the tour provided both valuable exposure and a chance to get some tutelage.

“I would do half the show, and then I’d let Jay-Z rhyme while I went in the back and changed outfits,” Kane explained during TVOne’s “Unsung” profile. “Then I’d go back and finish the show.”

That would most likely be an understatement, as Kane’s younger brother, Little Daddy Shane added that Kane also helped Jay with his flow and securing studio time.

“I think he was considering starting his own label and might’ve had me in mind for a slot,” Jay-Z wrote in his memoir/lyric book Decoded. “I’m not sure, and nothing like that ever materialized. But I got an invaluable education watching him perform…even today I use some of the ideas I picked up back then about pacing and performance in my own live show.”

During the “Chocolate City” era, 2Pac was a roadie for Digital Underground, while Naughty By Nature held down the same duties for Queen Latifah’s camp. Mister Cee, who was Kane’s DJ at the time would ultimately end up mentoring fellow Brooklyn emcee Notorious B.I.G. during his early years as well as getting a few production credits on songs on which Biggie appeared.


Big Sean Speaks On Drake Biting His Rhyme Style

Big Sean Speaks On Drake Biting His Rhyme Style
The "My Last" rapper explains that there's no ill will towards Drizzy, despite initial feelings.

Big Sean is credited with pioneering the one-word punch line, but many assume that his contemporary Drake was the one who came up with the flow. During an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the Detroit, Michigan rapper explained that he has no ill will towards Drizzy for biting his flow - but insisting that he’s the true originator of the style.

“Drake is my homie. He gave me a lot of credit, because I came up with rhyme scheme a lot of people thought that he came up with,” he said. “I called it ‘Supa Dupa Flow,’ but he kind of made it more popular on the song ‘Forever’ with him, Wayne and Drake, it was kind of the one-word punchline. I did that on my second mixtape I released in ’09 where I was like, ‘I’m supa dupa troopa/Used to the bottom scoopa.’ I just gave them line after line after line of barcode. He kind of took that and used it on his track. A lot of people thought he did it. The thing is, he gave me credit for it like a real G.”

The G.O.O.D. Music signee watched as the rap game took the flow and turned it into a trend. “It’s crazy because the whole rap game did it, so I was sitting back,” he said. “At first, I was like, ‘Man, this crazy! Everybody doing this!’ But then I thought about it and I was like, that’s not the way to be. You gotta keep it G, man. G’s don’t get mad. G’s is like, that’s what it is. They congratulate you. I changed the game, so I’ma keep changing the game. It is what it is.”

Sean admits that he’s still cool with the Young Money rapper and that their friendship came as a surprise. “I just talked to Drake a couple days ago, he’s a good dude. He was wishing me all the best. It’s just tight that people in hip-hop can really be cool like that.”


Wale & Big Sean Are "F*cking Weirdos", Says Freddie Gibbs

Indiana spitter Freddie Gibbs may have ruffled some feathers by labeling fellow burgeoning rappers Wale and Big Sean as "weirdos", claiming their style of music can't be categorized.
Asked about a comparison of Wale and Big Sean, Gibbs shared his view on both emcees.
"What kind of guy is that? See, you can't even f*cking pinpoint it. You can't even put these n*ggas in a box and label it. All of these n*ggas. Big Sean, Wale. You just said 'Big Sean is like a Wale kind of guy.' What is that? F*cking weirdos, right?" (Complex)
Gibbs also described how he views West Coast rapper Lil B's music.
"That's some buttf*ck rap. That's a whole issue. I'm saying, you can't even put these n*ggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category," Gibbs added. "You don't know what the f*ck they are. I'm a gangsta rapper. That sh*t is just like if you had a box in here of sh*t you didn't want, it was just miscellaneous sh*t, that's where you'd throw them n*ggas. It's a box of lost and found sh*t." (Complex)
Despite Gibbs' opinion, Rick Ross recently spoke highly of Wale's style.
"After spending months of my summer working with Kanye, I learned and seen so many different visions and ideas come to light. I was there for 'Flashing Lights', when it was actually titled another title that me and Kanye went back and forth about. And when I think about Wale, I think about Kanye. And the kind of rhymes Wale has been laying down the last few months, since we been in the studio, I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a lot of similarities as far as the pictures that he paints," the Bawse continued. "Of course, Kanye is one of the greats of our time, but I see that same potential in Wale." (MTV)
Although he called out Lil B at a Brooklyn concert last April, Gibbs later clarified his remarks.
"Let me set the record straight, period, -- I don't have no issue with any rappers," Gibbs promised in an interview. "Because, at the end of the day, this is rap, you know? With me, as a fan, a critic, I got the right to say my opinion...I don't got anything against what Lil B or anybody is doing. You a black man, and you out here generating capital, generating money for your family. I'm all for it. That you're delivering a message that I don't agree with, I'm definitely gonna say that...If I don't say nothing -- everybody gonna co-sign something they don't agree with deep down...I'm not gonna beat him up when I see him." (Billboard)

Uncle Murda Calls The Game Unfair, "What Sounds Worse, Uncle Murda Or The Killers?"

Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda recently talked about altering his rap alias and why certain retail outlets' politics are biased.

For Murda, he does not understand why rock group The Killers do not face the same pressure that he does.
"It's always been Uncle Murda, but Uncle M was used because [my manager] Chris Lighty got me doing a couple things like Vitaminwater, Coca-Cola -- when it's about that money, I don't mind taking the 'Murda' off," Uncle Murda explained in an interview. "You know it's going to be Uncle Murda -- You got [rock group] The Killers, they got records in Wal-Mart, Target -- what sounds worse, Uncle Murda or The Killers? They both sound bad but I mean, sh*t. If you're gonna let one rock, let the other rock. I just think people think Murda is always talking kill, kill, kill but that's not true. I got other types of music that I make but I don't get a chance to put it out because the situation ain't right and I gotta give the streets what they want." (Rap Radar)
In summer 2009, Uncle Murda talked about changing his rap moniker to "Uncle M".
"It's just about getting me out everywhere," Murda said in an interview. "You'll definitely still get the same hardcore music because that's my life. But you gotta understand, Uncle Murda, well, probably the 'Murda' will never get [to retail stores] that I need. All this will scare the money away just for certain things just when you hear like 'Uncle Murda.' That's me, I done stamped that already...We trying to get some money...The content of music is still going to be the same, you still gonna get Uncle Murda, but we gonna talk to the ladies -- because I do like to have fun. Everything ain't about murder when it comes to me and my life. I'm not shooting or killing 24/7. That's not going down everyday." (Mixtape Monster)
Murda previously said he would make the name change official when ready to hit retail markets.
"When it's time to get that money, it's definitely, Uncle M," Murda said in an interview. "We not gonna let nothing stop the money. You see, the 'm' is for the money, Murda, menage a trois, marijuana, whatever you want. You know, the 'm' covers everything." (True Stories Radio)
Recently, Murda admitted to turning down a possible deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records.
"So who comes strolling in the conference room? 50," Murda added. "'Murda what's up?' I'm like, 'What's up?' The way I said it, he could tell a n*gga was [surprised.] He's like, 'I'm not the enemy, man. You know what I'm saying. What, you looking for a record deal?' I'm like, this n*gga trying to hug me up. I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm looking for a record deal not from you though.' He said, 'What? Word? What's up? Why? N*ggas ain't feeling G-Unit?' -- He said, 'Murda, I heard that sh*t you said about me -- it ain't personal though. I did the same thing you did.' But you know what it was? I was on the defensive side because he was trying to paint the picture for me -- with me and 50 sitting down, I was basically like, 'Listen man, I can't be no f*cking G-Unit.' ... He was just like breaking down how much records he sold, how much money, I mean, he was going in." (VIBE)

Kim Kardashian's Booty Up Close & Personal, "She May [Have] Had The Classical Brazilian Butt Lift"

With the recent x-ray reveal by Kim Kardashian proving once and for all her lower backside is natural, a medical expert has stepped up to put in his two cents.
According to Dr. Drew Ordon, Kardashian may have had a butt job but no plastic surgery.
"With our dear friend Kim and her x-ray, clearly there was no prosthesis, there is not a butt implant, but with the classical Brazilian butt lift, yes, you're using your own fat which you're taking from one part of the body which you've gotten from liposuction and putting it in another part of the body," Ordon explained. "And on x-ray you would not be able to tell if that was done so she may in fact had the classical Brazilian butt lift using her own fat." (Rumor Fix)
Ordon also feels confident in claiming Kardashian's backside may be completely untouched.
"But, based on Kim Kardashian's basic body style/type which is part of her gene makeup, she's what we call a mesomorph," he added. "She's a big curvaceous woman, she's zoftig and rubenesque, therefore she just may have gotten those traits genetically. She may have just been born with that butt. These are my comments as a professional." (Rumor Fix)
Footage of Kim's x-ray experience landed online a few days ago.
Despite widespread speculation, Kim provided a video on her Celebuzz blog to prove all the naysayers wrong. The clip shows Kardashian, 30, expressing her willingness to show the world the truth from last Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. "I really just want to get [it] so I can show the whole world," she tells the doctor. Kim and her sisters laughed at the entire experience. Kim said that she compared X-rays of her butt with Kourtney's breast implants to see how different the two looked. "Honestly, how ridiculous, lol," she wrote. "But now you know... 100% real, baby!!!" (The Celebrity Cafe)
Earlier this month, bodacious reality star Coco talked about the dangers of butt implants.
"I'm not against plastic surgery but me going through surgery, I know what it feels like. And I'm kind of against the fact that you should get butt implants because one thing that you're missing out here, is that when you have boobs, you're not sitting on you boobs 24-7, when you get butt implants, you're sitting on your butt for most of the day. You have to think about that. I'm so worried about how I move my boobs here and there. I have to wear a sports bra when I go to the gym. You can't jiggle all the time, you might jiggle them out of place. Think about that as far as the butt thing goes because they may jiggle out of place and you might not be able to fix it. I hear some really horror stories about the booty thing and I know I might sound hypocritical to do your boobs and not your butt. But, it's so unnatural. I mean you're not touching the chest area all that much, you're not walking all on the chest area all that much. You do a lot with the butt." (VIBE)

Olivia Addresses G-Unit Sex Tales, Admits 50 Cent Owes Her 6-Figures

Former G-Unit member Olivia recently sat down with radio personality Star and killed any gossip surrounding an alleged past sexual relationship with 50 Cent.
While denying there was ever a sexual relationship, Olivia did admit 50 still owed her money.
"What sexual thing," Olivia asked Star when he mentioned their past sexual relationship. "I still call him Fif. But what sexual thing? [laughs] [Did he knock it down?] No. No. Everybody says that about all of them and that's the thing that pisses me off. [Did he ever have my ankles around my neck?] No. No. [Does 50 owe me any money?] Kind of. I know you're usually honest. [Does he owe me a little money?] Yeah. [Six figures?] Yeah. Yeah. [50 Cent owes me money?] Yeah. We've had the conversation though. [Is he going to pay up?] I mean, I don't know what's going on with that." ("Star & Buckwild")
In 2009, Olivia denied rumors of getting hooked up with ex-Unit member Young Buck and Maino.
"Y'all are in so much trouble with me now," she said jokingly told DJ Whoo Kid. "That is so it, I'm not your girlfriend anymore, Whoo Kid. I denounce it son. [laughs] I'm not messing with y'all. Y'all done had your Fourth of July parade. What's funny is that I actually was just checking my Twitter page real quick and one of the girls forwarded the message that you sent and said you was looking for me and when I seen the caption that Maino is looking for Olivia, I said 'Ah here Whoo Kid go.' ... Get the h*ll outta here about [me and Buck rumors]. Please. Y'all are the worst yo. I miss y'all retards, yo. Nah come on, get outta here. You know better than that Whoo Kid 'cause you were always with me. Don't act like we weren't in the casino and got ran up on by Buck 'cause he's mad we over there shooting dice and he's holding our phones. [Mase], that's my boy. We reached out and looked out for him." (Radio Planet TV)
In the past, 50 talked about Olivia overusing his finances during her run in G-Unit.
"Yeah, that was a loss," Fif said about investing in Olivia's G-Unit run. "The problem you get with female solo artists is they look, their game is really small. So they look at it and say, it's Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole but when you have an African American female solo artist, she sees where she fits immediately. Problem is, they spend financing like those artists at that point, having the set-up, the make-up artist, the stylist, those different things but when you don't have a record that connects fast enough, you'll accumulate a tab like a motherf*cker." (All Hip Hop)
Despite the past conflict, Olivia and 50 patched things up last summer.
"We wanted to go up there and confront him about certain rumors like, 'Did you say x, y, and z?,'" she told S2S. "I'm glad we had this meeting and that he wanted to do it to clear everything up. I'm happy we came to a close and that we're good like we were before. That's what I needed...I'm sure we probably will [collaborate], but I'd rather focus on my rebranding. I want people to just see Olivia. That's why I did the album with no features. I want to show I can stand on my own two feet." (S2S Magazine)

Tech N9ne's Camp Confirms Buttocks Shooting, "He Remains In Serious Condition"

Rap veteran Tech N9ne's representatives have come forward to confirm reports claiming a performer on the current All 6's & 7's tour was struck by gunfire this morning in Nevada.

Speaking via a statement, N9ne's camp detailed what reportedly transpired.
"By all reports, the victim was talking on his phone when he was approached by 6 individuals who had not been in attendance at that evening's show," the statement reads. "Shortly after, shots were fired and the victim was struck multiple times. He was rushed to a local hospital where he remains in serious condition but is expected to recover." Initial reports stated that the shooting took place "right after" Tech's performance. The statement refutes that claim, saying the incident happened "nearly two hours after the show ended" and was "a random and senseless act of violence." Police aren't sure of the motive and believe close to 16 rounds were fired. (MTV)
N9ne's camp also claim suspects in the shooting have been detained.
"By all reports, the victim was talking on his phone when he was approached by 6 individuals who had not been in attendance at that evening's show. Shortly after, shots were fired and the victim was struck multiple times. He was rushed to a local hospital where he remains in serious condition but is expected to recover. Not long after the incident took place, four suspects who had fled the scene on foot were detained and taken into custody by local law enforcement, including what appears to be the main suspect and shooter in the incident. No other info has been made available at the time of releasing this statement." (XXL Mag)
Early Monday reports claimed the victim was struck in the buttocks.
One of the newest members of the performance by hip hop band "Tech N9ne" was shot in the buttocks in downtown Reno this morning. The show was nearly sold out according to the Knitting Factory's web site. It was to feature performances by Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob, Jay Rock, Mayday, Stevie Stone, Tragedy. Police haven't said if it was one of those performers who was shot, only that it was a recent addition and an opening act. (KOLO TV)
Outside of the shooting, Tech recently reacted to his All 6's & 7's solo album debuting at No. 4 with 55,800 sold copies earlier this month.
"It keeps getting bigger and bigger right before my eyes. Right when I'm thinking I've done a lot, a lot more comes. That's a blessing, for real, because to be the only independent in the top five," he said. "It was crazy. I don't get no radio play or no video play, it was crazy. But my fans are insanely, crazily in love with me." (Bootleg Kev)

"I Wasn't Saying, 'He's A B*tch A** N*gga, F*ck His Family & I'ma F*ck Him Up When I See Him"

Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has clarified past remarks made toward Rick Ross and denied having any current ill will toward the Maybach Music Group boss.
Gibbs said while he may not be cool with Rozay on a personal level, there is no tension between them.
"He makes good songs. I don't have no personal problem with him either. All I did was comment on some sh*t that's already known. Certain people just act like it didn't happen," Gibbs explained in an interview. "I wasn't saying, 'He's a b*tch a** n*gga, f*ck his family, and I'ma f*ck him up when I see him." Nah. I wasn't on some sh*t like that. I was just pointing out, 'Okay, yeah, you like that sh*t, but did you also know this? Did you see that too?' I was championing some sh*t like, take some things into consideration. That's all I was saying." (Complex)
Last summer, Gibbs questioned Ross' image after naming himself "Big Meech" and "Larry Hover' on his "Blowin' Money Fast" record.
"who are you? Rick Ross, Big Meech or Larry Hoover? the rap game is like halloween every day," he tweeted July 14th, 2010. (Freddie Gibbs' Twitter)
Gibbs later came forward and addressed his remarks toward Ross.
"That dude makes good records, but I just can't support no bold-faced lying on records. I guess he's entertaining people. It's like a movie, like Scarface. He can have that fake lane. I'll stay in the real lane. We got a non-fiction lane of rap, that's how I'm looking at it now. So you got that fiction lane over there where they're doing all them. I do the non-fiction, the autobiography, the real sh*t." (Complex)
Last spring, Gibbs made headlines after signing to Young Jeezy's Corporate Thugz Entertainment.
"It feels good," Freddie told DJ Smallz in an interview. "It's always good to work with people that you respect and people you have mutual respect for. I bump Jeezy. I think he carved his own lane in the game and that's what I'm trying to do. And what better way to elevate myself to the next level than doing it with somebody that I admire and respect. The situation with CTE, Jeezy, it felt correct...This is a long process for myself, but, I went with the gut feeling instead of just going with all the impulse and signing with someone just because they're hot or some sh*t like that. I ain't wanna be a d*ckrider because I see a lot of that in the game right now. So I just wanted to do things my way." ("Southern Smoke Radio")

Drake Loses His Words, "He Doesn't Even Say Nothing, He Just Goes Ugh! Ugh!"

Young Money's Drake is in the zone for his upcoming Take Care sophomore album as hitmaker Boi-1da details his fellow Canadian's mindset working on the LP.
According to Boi, their relationship has gotten so good Drake no longer needs actual words to show he's in work mode.
Boi-1da gave us the details on how amazing Drake's new album is going to be, and Drake's reaction to all of the beats he has produced for "Take Care." Boi-1da had this to say about Drake, "He just had the same reaction as always. He just snaps and gets into a zone and starts writing. Sometimes he doesn't even say nothing he just goes, Ugh! Ugh! He gives me a grunt and it's a wrap from there. You just know." (Global Grind)
Last week, Drake announced plans to drop a new single early next month.
"The single's dropping a week-and-a-half, two weeks. It'll be fun. It's going to be a blast," Drake told FADER writer Judnick Mayard. "It's great. I'm really excited about it. Just trying out different things, different sounds, different flows... We're all in a really great place in our lives just as a team, the team's coming together. 40's doing really well. We've got new editions. We have this affiliation with The Weeknd. It's really great. He's on the album a bunch. I'm excited about it just for the people to hear the evolution of the music." (The FADER)
Aside from a new record called "Trust Issues," Drake put out his "Marvin's Room" song earlier this month.
Get excited, Drake fans. According to his website, his sophomore album, Take Care, is due out in October and we should be hearing the first single in July. And if that isn't enough for y'all, he has also come through with a brand-new track called "Marvin's Room." It's far less rap-heavy than "Dreams Money Can Buy" and instead features Drizzy throwing on his R&B sad-man/storyteller hat throughout the nearly six-minute-long track. The result is a pretty epic cut that includes a track-ending piano solo and producer Noah "40" Shebib's trademark watery 808s. A single this is not, but I'll be d*mned if it won't make for a killer deep cut. (Prefix Mag)
He recently revealed a game plan to drop Take Care on his 25th birthday, October 24th.
"Marvins Room: Another piece of the story.Single coming in July. Take Care coming Oct. 24th.Download Here," Drake re-tweeted from @WelcomeOVO.
"She told me the outro keys are chilling...@chillygonzales" (Drake's Twitter)

Odd Future Says F*ck The Police, "The World Is F*cking Fabricated W/ A Bunch Of Bullsh*t"

Odd Future's Hodgy Beats recently discussed their "F*ck the Police" record and denied speculation of the song being part of a arranged plot to take down law enforcement.
According to Hodgy, the record came together organically and without an initial modus operandi.
"Yeah. I was going through Left Brain's beats and when I got to that one, and I was like, 'D*mn.' He was like, 'Yo, this song should be 'F*ck the Police'.' I started thinking about it, and then I wrote my first verse, and he wrote his verse right there. Later on, Tyler [the Creator] came in and heard the song and was like, 'Yo, I gotta get on that sh*t.' Half the things that happen around Odd Future are pretty random-- just dragged out of thin air. It's not like some big-a** plan to f*ckin' take over the world and all the sh*t that people think it is. The world is f*cking fabricated with a bunch of bullsh*t." (Pitchfork)
Not stopping with police, Hodgy cited multiple problems in today's society.
"I mean television, news, the f*cking food that we consume," he added when asked what specifically is fabricated in the world. "Everything. It's just a f*cking setup. I see it. I'm starting to travel and see the world. You can tell that America does not even f*cking love their people. I'ma move the f*ck out of America, I don't give a f*ck." (Pitchfork)
Last month, Odd Future's Tyler the Creator made headlines after getting arrested in California.
"And F*ck Those Cops. Had Us In Cuffs For No Reason, Didn't Do Sh*t. "Disturbing The Peace, Loitering And Skating Pass A Cop" What The F*ck?," he tweeted Wednesday (May 11).
"They Just Wanted A Reason To F*ck With Us. F*ck It Tho." (Tyler the Creator's Twitter)
Tyler later came forward and cleared up what really went down.
"All me and this dude did was skate past, uh, I guess it was a cop there we skated past," Tyler said in an interview. "And they just came up to us all aggressive like, 'Who are you?' and got out of the car. And I'm like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why, why? What do you need?' I know he's grabbing my arm saying, 'Oh, you want to be a tough guy.' When I'm around cops, I get really, really deviant and sarcastic." (Hot 97)