I guess driving a tinted window Bentley isn’t always a fashionably good thing, especially if your Rick Ross. Maybach Music Group Founder Rick Ross is in hot water. The former correctional officer found himself behind bars literally. Rick Ross was arrested in ATL, in what cops called a routine stop, because of a tinted windows violation. As the cops approached the car they stated, the car reeked of marijuana, giving the officers cause to search the vehicle. TMZ reported In the process of searching the vehicle, the apparently found five marijuana cigarettes. This is misdemeanor charge, however Rick Ross did not have any comments about the subject yet. Rick Ross was apparently arrested last year for the same charge. We hope all works out and he can get back to making music, not news, or making news about new music. Till then continue to check for us for the latest in Hip Hop, Music, art, culture and more.
rick ross police stop