Thursday, June 2, 2016


We had a chance to speak with Levi Vega after a new track surfaced during a session at SNDWV Studios in Highland Park. The Detroit Zuu is excited to drop new exclusive music "Road" featuring production from V Savage. 
"It's been some time since you released music since New Testament. Any particular reason why?"
Had to get my daughter together. Had to get us together. Wasn't making anything until it felt right.
"Ok, so you and Vandal are still rocking I see. Dirty Diamonds?"
Yeah, Roto told me to get off. Vandal stayed consistent with production for me. Road is warm up. Messing around a little bit.
"Can't wait to hear it. We rock with you heavy at The Detroit Zuu. What's next for the summer?"
Uh... Kota Crazy. EP featuring our first hit.
Well simple enough. Stream 77iu's "warm up" Road here first.

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