Monday, September 19, 2016

Sean Kingston Jumps Into the Meek Mill vs. The Game Beef; Beanie Sigel Sides With Meek

Rap beef in 2016 is unpalatable and unsavory. And for the most part, extremely boring. Thanks a lot, social media.
Meek Mill continues to serve as rap's ultimate punching bag this year. After being hit with insults by Drake at the Philly stop of the Summer Sixteen Tour, Meek Mill (and the rest of the internets) woke up to a new diss track — "92 Bars" to be exact — from The Game, aimed squarely at the Philly rapper.
At the time the track premiered, there weren't too many details on why The Game decided to go for Meek's neck, other than the proverbial theories that Jayceon attempting to build up hype surrounding his upcoming album, 1992.
Now, according to — you guessed it — TMZ, the "beef" originated from an incident that took place at an L.A. nightclub back in June, when Sean Kingston was reportedly "smashed in the head with a bottle" and then relieved of his $300k chain. Both The Game and Meek were in attendance at the time of the incident, with the former believing Meek snitched on his alleged involvement in the robbery.
Early this morning, Sean Kingston finally decided to speak up about the entire situation, siding with Meek and attacking Chuck in a series of Instagram videos which have since been deleted. Naturally, this is the internet and nothing is deleted forever.
Check out Sean's patois-filled rant, followed by Game's aggressive rebuttal, below.

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